Bomb Blast in Piliyandala, another cowardly act by the LTTE terrorists...

We were there at the university when it happened. The LTTE terrorists blasted a bus full of people in Piliyandala at about 6.45 pm on the 25th. We were supposed to take the equipment needed for a car test to Anusha's for the final year project and Damitha and me ended up giving the stuff to Anusha to carry home and rushing home ourselves. Luckily Anusha had the car. So I got on three Route 255 s and went home. Damitha also managed to go home at about 8.30 the same time as I was there.

Last few days the bloodthirsty terrorists led by their leader have suffered heavy damage from our ARMY and the Air Force. So what they do instead of fighting the army is to kill innocent people. I can't figure out why some countries such as Canada still help these monsters. Suppose they would have understood the situation if they themselves had a war.

Its with great demise that I type that we lost about 30 people in that blast. And adding to that, around 80 heroic soldiers gave their lives to save this land, eventually, to save us. They did not die running away, they gave their life facing the enemy like real Sinhalese. I guess even in history, even a Spartan would not show such bravery. It is true that in throughout the history, it is told that Sinhalese die facing the enemy, there are no bloodstains on their back.

They will be remembered. For all time to come. Such is the case with every soldier, who fights for his motherland.

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