Another Interview...

This time it was with Dialog Broadband. Well it was not a formal interview, it was just a chat with the VoIP manager and the engineer in charge. The two people we worked with when we were having our industrial training there.
They said they dont need to interview us, and offered two vacancies from VoIP and Metro Ethernet. Sankha, Hasitha and me were there, since Janaka took the job with Zone 24x7 and Kasun (Printa) will go to Canada after the graduation.

Sankha took the Metro Ethernet job. Me and Hasith both liked the VoIP, so they told us to choose ourselves and tell them before this Friday. If we don't they might say who will come.
We will check with Dialog Telekom and if Hasitha gets the job there, I will be at VoIP. Well, have to consult ma cousins about this anyway...Since I have applied for another position, again at Dialog, for a Core Network Planning.

Jobs Jobs jobs....These might even drive us crazy one day. :D

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