AMD makes Theree wheelers that eat power

Hooraayy....Recovered this out of Flock. Guess it didn't eat the post....:D

Got the article from AMD is producing the new array of Tri-Core processors. Cool, but from the tests conducted at xbitlabs, its not that cool after all.
Firstly, its the first processor to hold a number of cores that is not a power of 2. (AFAIK) So it makes the X3 processors unique.
But setting the record for making it doesn't always mean success.
Most of my friend that use AMD open up their PC casing and put a fan in front of it since here in SL, its not that cheap to buy heat dissipaters that are of high quality. AMD still haven't dealt with the issue. It consumes more power than it's counterparts, the Core 2 Duo's.

Wonder why someone will go for and AMD, but yes, It is a very cheap answer for a reasonable system.

Read this yourself. Don't take my word for it, coz I've been anti AMD even since before I bought my PC. :D

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